Summer School: Social Movements in European Perspectives. Past – Present – Future, Institute for Social Movements, Bochum, 21-25 September 2015

Where do social movements come from? Who takes part in them? What are their aims? And how relevant are they in Europe in the 21st century? Under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Berger and Prof. Sabrina Zajak, the Institute for Social Movements will conduct an interdisciplinary summer school throughout the summer semester 2015 to find answers to these questions. With a particular focus on Europe, the Summer School „Social Movements in European Perspectives“ will offer 20 students from different disciplines an opportunity to engage with different aspects and examples of social movements and share their ideas in discussions with experts as well as fellow students. The Summer School is organized in the framework of the Ruhr-University Bochum’s inSTUDIES program and will take place in the conference room of the Institute for Social Movements.

The Summer School will address the basic concepts and the history of social movements as well as contemporary social movements from interdisciplinary perspectives. In close cooperation with leading national and international scholars as well as activists, the Summer School will enable participating students to become familiar with various social movements in European perspectives such as labor movements, environmental movements, women’s movements, right-wing movements or anti-austerity protests.

The Summer School consists of three phases. The preparatory meeting (8 July 2015) will provide an opportunity for students to learn more about the summer school program and structure. During the five day Summer School (21-25 September 2015) invited experts from different academic fields will give presentations and discuss the current state as well as challenges of social movement research with participating students. Furthermore, local activists will provide insights into practical aspects of social movements and share their experience in discussions with students. The future workshop (12 October 2015) will constitute a follow-up of the Summer School with a particular focus on the future of social movements. The students will assess previous phases and develop future scenarios for social movements and social change.

Registration and further information for students on the RUB-website.