Call for Abstracts: International Graduate Conference „Challenging Collectivities“, Frankfurt/Main (Germany), October 29.-31. 2015

The conference “Challenging Collectivities” aims to theoretically reflect and empirically consider a wide range of contemporary phenomena. We are interested in developments such as contemporary social and political movements, the debate surrounding the so-called digital revolution associated with new forms of networking, the newly arising debate on the concept of life forms and their political or critical potentials, the relevance of a collective unconscious for the analysis of contemporary events, and discussions of global phenomena which invite us to reconsider collective formations – especially in regard to the concept of (maybe even non-human) agency. Thus, the conference engages questions concerning the conditions and forms of collective action, the social transformation that occurs in social and political movements in continuation of and/or against established models, and the manifestations of violence that occur in processes of collectivization. Graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and junior faculty members are invited to submit papers until March 1st 2015. Furthermore, we will gladly accept artistic contributions, lecture performances, and artistic endeavors.

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