Call for Paper: Sociological Focus. Special Issue on Black Movements, Edited by Joyce M. Bell

Sociological Focus invites papers for a special issue on black social movements. This special issue offers scholars an opportunity to both re-examine old movements and to bring new movements to our attention. Social movement theory has made significant advances in understanding how social movements relate to, affect and are shaped by a variety of social phenomena. Much of that theory was developed through a study of the black civil rights movement in the US, which means that we know less about other black movement formations. Even less attention has been paid to how racism and racial inequality keep shaping black social movements long beyond their emergence. Papers in this issue should focus on contemporary or historical movement formations that are explicitly created by black people, aimed at black issues, and/or rooted in black political traditions. We are particularly interested in papers that examine black movements against racism and racial inequality in all areas of social life both in the US and globally. We welcome papers that use a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Black feminist movement
  • Black movements in Europe
  • Black movements in Latin America
  • Black movements in the United States
  • Black movements within organizations
  • Black radicalism
  • Black Arts movement
  • Black Power movement
  • Black nationalism
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Environmental justice movement

Movements against the prison industrial complex Movements to free political prisoners Relationships between black movements and other areas of sociological study: education, the arts, family, the life-course, organizations, politics, religion, work, etc. Relationships between black movements and other movements Theorizing race and social movements.

This special issue will be edited by Joyce M. Bell (jmb267(at), a member of the Sociological Focus editorial board. The editor welcomes submissions engaged with sociological studies of social movements, race,
and black movement formations from early career through established scholars.