Call for Contributions: Protest Camps: Past tents, present tents, edited by Anna Feigenbaum, Fabian Frenzel, and Patrick McCurdy

The editors of the forthcoming „Protest Camps: Past tents, present tents“ have issued an open call for book contributions. The edited collection will assemble a broad selection of case studies on protest camps (past and present) and seeks to advance the study of protest camps as an area of interdisciplinary research related to the organization, practices and politics of social movements.

The interdisciplinary collection will draw on work across the fields of social movement studies, history, geography as well as media and communication. While a number of academics are on board for the project, we are looking to add two or three additional contributions to the book. The editors are specifically interested in submissions that

  • Discuss protest camps in: Latin America/Sub-Saharan Africa/Asia/Central & Eastern Europe.
  • Present historical studies of pre-2011 protest camps. That is, predecessors to contemporary camps such as Occupy but not Occupy itself. Work on protest camps from before the 1990s.

Please send an expression of interest which includes an abstract of 500 words that outlines the protest camp cases and/or concepts you intend to will work with, as well as what potentialities you see coming from your study that can say more about protest camps as a form of political organization. Please also include your name, affiliation, contact information.

The deadline for submissions is December 13th, 2013.

Selected abstracts will be invited by the editors to submit a full book chapter (6,000 words) which will be due September 1, 2015. Please do not submit an abstract if you can not make this deadline.

Please send your abstract to Gavin Brown, University of Leicester (gpb10(at)