Call for papers: 7th ECPR General Conference, Section Comparative Perspectives on the New Politics of Dissent, Bordeaux, 4-7 September 2013

Section Chair: Alice Mattoni (University of Pittsburgh)
Section Co-Chairs: Eduardo Romanos (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Donatella della Porta (European University Institute)

Section Abstract:
In the past years a new wave of contention developed across the world. Politics of dissent spread in widely separate regions with citizens mobilizing around different, but interrelated, issues: from anti-austerity measures, including a strong criticism on multinational corporations and increased inequalities, to pro-democracy struggles, including protests against authoritarian regimes and demands for “real democracy now”. Although rooted in different contexts, mobilizations belonging to this wave of contention had some traits in common that deserve further investigation.

Overall, this section seeks to understand the distinctive characteristics of current and recent mobilizations, also in comparison to previous waves of contention that developed locally, nationally and transnationally. In doing this, the section pays particular attention to some aspects that seem fundamental to understand how social change is developing in a moment of deep economic crisis and political mistrust. These aspects are: the use of internet platforms and tools in the organization of protest; the development of democratic visions and practices in the making of protest; collective identities and discourses in the formation of political subjectivities; the outcomes and consequences of protest after stages of mobilization; and the processes of local, national and transnational diffusion in the recent wave of contention. Beyond these themes, the section considers the role of some crucial actors in recent mobilizations: migrants; extreme-right groups; and traditional economic actors, like trade unions and workers movements.

The section includes eight panels:

  • Resisting the markets: Economic actors and issues in global uprisings from the Middle-East to North-America
  • The Social Mediation of Popular Protest: Facebook and Twitter in Pro-democracy and Anti-austerity Mobilizations
  • The Consequences of the New Wave of Mobilization
  • Extreme Right Mobilization in Western Democracies and Middle East in the Era of Globalization and Economic Crisis
  • The Heterogeneity of Diffusion Processes in Contemporary Social Movements
  • Democracy of the Squares: Visions and Practices of Democracy from Egypt to the United States
  • Collective Identities in the New Cycle of Contention
  • Obstacles of Citizenship

You will find further details of these panels in the academic programme of the conference.

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