Jointly edited by Grant Jordan of the University of Aberdeen and Bird Loomis of the University of Kansas, the first articles from a new  Palgrave journal Interest Groups & Advocacy are now published online.  Aimed at academics and relevant practitioners Interest Groups & Advocacy seeks to stimulate debate about the pursuit of political change in all its forms. The contents of the first issues ranges from analysis of social movements to general interest group work to normative discussions of lobbying and its controversies.  As the editorial arrangements imply the journal will strenuously attempt to cover Europe, and North America – and indeed further afield.  Submissions are welcome and may be sent to either editor. The new journal will certainly be an outlet for contributions that cover traditional interest group concerns about the membership, mobilization and the Olson paradox.  However the advocacy term signals a broader agenda: the journal also seeks to attract publications dealing with organisations such as businesses, social movements, and other organized interests that aim to influence public policy.

The following articles are currently free to read at the journal website:

Mario Diani: Interest organizations in social movements: An empirical exploration
Craig Holman and William Luneburg: Lobbying and Transparency: A comparative analysis of regulatory reform
David C Kimball, Frank R Baumgartner, Jeffrey M Berry, Marie Hojnacki, Beth L Leech and Bryce: Who cares about the lobbying agenda?
Peter Köppl: Of historical burdens, misperceptions and recent scandals: Austria’s bumpy journey towards professional public affairs
Patrick Bernhagen and Brett Trani: Interest group mobilization and lobbying patterns in Britain: A newspaper analysis
Anne Skorkjær Binderkrantz and Simon Krøyer: Customizing Strategy: Policy goals and interest group strategies
William Dinan and David Miller: Sledgehammers, nuts and rotten apples: Reassessing the case for lobbying self-regulation in the United Kingdom

We can also inform the ECPR members that Palgrave Macmillan is delighted to offer members of the ECPR Standing Group on Interest Groups a 50% discount on a personal subscription to Interest Groups & Advocacy, a special rate of £18/$34 for 2012 for print and individual online access.  Simply visit and quote GE1108BC001 when ordering.