The History of Social Movements – Global Perspectives, Institut für soziale Bewegungen Bochum,  6-8 September 2012

The objective of the conference is to gain a better historically informed understanding of social movements from the beginning of the nineeteenth century to the present day and to investigate social movements in their concrete historical settings, as well as in their transnational entanglements. Unlike most of the concepts and theories developed by social scientists, we do not see social movements as directly linked to processes of social and cultural change and therefore do not adhere to a view that distinguishes between old (labour) and new (middle-class) social movements. Instead, we want to establish the concept ’social movement‘ as a heuristic device that allows historians of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to investigate social and political protests in novel settings. Our aim is to historicise notions of social and political activism in order to highlight different notions of political and social protest on both left and right.

The publication of the conference proceedings will inaugurate a new book series ‘History of social movements’ published by Palgrave, edited by Stefan Berger and Holger Nehring in collaboration with an international editorial board (Andreas Eckert, Susan Eckstein, Laleh Khalili, Felicia Kornbluh, Jie-Hyun Lim, Rochona Majumdar, Sean Scalmer, Marcel van der Linden).

Thursday, 6 September

14.00: Stefan Berger (Ruhr University Bochum) and Holger Nehring (University of Sheffield): Introductory remarks and conceptual thoughts on the historical study of social movements
14.30: Dieter Rucht (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin): Social Movements – some conceptual challenges from a sociological perspective
15.15: Felicia Kornbluh (University of Virginia), The History of Social Movements in North America

16.00: Tea/ coffee

16.30: Sean Raymond Scalmer (University of Melbourne), The History of Social Movements in Australia
17.15: Rochona Majumdar (University of Chicago), The History of Social Movements in India
18.00: Andreas Eckert (Humboldt University Berlin), The History of Social Movements in Africa

19:30: Dinner

Friday, 7 September

9:30: Marcel van der Linden (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam), The History of Social Movements in Europe
10.15: Kevin Passmore (Cardiff University), Fascism

11.00: Coffee/ Tea

11.30: Fabian Virchow (Düsseldorf Polytechnic), Post-Fascist Right-Wing Social Movements
12.15: Stefan Berger (Ruhr University Bochum), The Labour Movement

13.00: Lunch

14.30: Holger Nehring (University of Sheffield), The Peace Movement
15.15: Frank Uekötter  (University of Munich), The Ecological Movement

16.00: Tea/ Coffee

16.30: Seonjoo Park (Hanyang University, Seoul), The Feminist Movement in Asia, North America and Europe
17:15: Pascal Eitler (MPIB, Berlin), Religious Social Movements

19:30: Dinner

Saturday, 8 September

09.30: Gerd Rainer Horn (University of Warwick), 1968 and Social Movements
10:15: Petra Terhoeven (University of Göttingen), Terrorism as a Transnational Social Movement

11:00: Coffee/ Tea

11:30 Susan Eckstein (Boston University), The History of Social Movements in Latin America
12:15: Jürgen Kocka (Free University Berlin), Concluding remarks and final discussion

13:00 Lunch

Contact: Stefan Berger (Stefan.berger(at) and Holger Nehring (h.nehring(at)
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