Call for chapter submissions (edited book): “The European social movement experience: rethinking ‘new social movements’, historicising the alterglobalisation movement and understanding the new wave of protest”

European social movements, and social movement theories, have rarely been taken on their own terms in the English-language literature, but rather as counterpoints to the American experience. While such comparisons have been fruitful in some ways, they have lacked a sense of history and culture and failed to take European social movement theory seriously on its own terms. This has been exacerbated by the failure of Anglophone social movement theorists to pay attention to the substantial literatures in languages such as French, German, Spanish or Italian.

This is particularly problematic because these same movements – from the European eruptions of 1968, east and west, through to the European marches of the unemployed, the roads protest movements or autonomist culture in the 1980s and 1990s – have been central to the construction of the “alterglobalisation movement”, which began with alliances between, for example, French ATTAC and Brazilian movement organisations, or between Italian social centre activists and the Zapatistas. Among other things, what is often missed is the extent to which key European movements represent a continuation of the “New Left” problematic – the experience of a mainly extra-institutional left movement culture in political contexts marked by the institutionalisation of a more moderate left.

This book sets out to take the European social movement experience seriously on its own terms, including (a) the European tradition of social movement theorising, particularly in its attempt to understand the development of movements from the 1960s onwards; (b) the extent to which European movements between 1968 and 1999 became precursor movements for the contemporary anti-globalisation movement; (c) the construction of the “movement of movements” within the European setting around a variety of themes; and (d) the new “M-15” mobilisations in Iceland, Greece, the UK, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere.

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