Tunisians take to the streets on 19 January 2011, Foto: Nasser Nouri (cc)

Online Documents

A compact overview of the most recent protests, mobilizing structures and the problem of lacking coherence is provided in Marina Ottaway and Amr Hamzawy’s Report for the Carnegie Middle East Center.

An insider perspective of the Kifaya Movement, a precursor of the current mobilizations in Egypt, and a glimpse on its „sister movements“ can be found in Ahmad Baha’eddin Shaaban’s The New Protest Movements in Egypt: Has the Country Lost Patience?

Up-to-date background features for several countries are available at the Middle East Report.


Nicholas S. Hopkins (ed.): Political and Social Protest in Egypt. Cairo: American University of Cairo Press 2009

Carrie Rosefsky Wickham: Mobilizing Islam: Religion, Activism and Political Change in Egypt. New York: Columbia University Press 2002

Journal Articles

Ellen Lust-Okar (2004): ‚Divided They Rule: The Management and Manipulation of Political Opposition‚, Comparative Politics 36 (2): 159-179.

Additional references are very welcome.