Tuscany was the first regional administration in Italy, in December 2007, to approve a law directed at fostering citizen participation in public choices and encouraging the diffusion of new participative methodologies. This law found fertile ground in Tuscany’s civil fabric and in the widespread and significant examples developed over recent years.

Precisely to give continuity to this experience, Tuscany Region has decided to organize an annual meeting as a place for reflecting on and analysing the subjects of democracy and participation: not a traditional study convention, but a carefully constructed event lasting three days, with the characteristics of an international critical review, in which general themes are debated, but where the major “cases” of the past year are examined in depth, there are workshops on interesting areas, methodologies and actual cases, seminars and debates on specific subjects and also best practice awards.

The choice was made to hold this three-day meeting (scheduled in November) in the same place every year, in the town of Montaione – a small town on the border between the provinces of Florence and Siena, and which was at the centre of one of the most significant and most successful participatory processes, concerning the local community’s strategy for landscape preservation and sustainable development of the area around the ancient Medieval village of Castelfalfi. The “premio Montaione” (Montaione prize) has been set up within the framework of the ‘Montaione Days’, to bestow recognition on the best examples of, the best projects on and the best research into citizen participation.

The scientific committee charged with evaluating the submissions is made up of the professors: Umberto Allegretti, Loic Blondiaux, Luigi Bobbio, Quim Brugué, Rodolfo Lewanski, Massimo Morisi, Yves Sintomer and Stefano Zamagni.

Deadline for submissions: 31 July 2010

Announcement of the results to the parties concerned: 30 September 2010

The winners of the three prizes will be invited to the second edition of the “Montaione Days on Democracy and Participation” (November 2010). Those who submit their candidature for a prize must commit to being present at the convention should they win an award.


2. Prize for research

This prize is awarded to young Italian or foreign researchers (under 36 years old) for a paper – published or unpublished – 20-40 pages long, focusing on the empirical study of participatory processes. The papers may be written in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese or English. The papers will be examined by the Scientific Committee. The winner will receive a prize of € 2,000 gross, before any compulsory taxation, in addition to the invitation to Montaione.

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